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CASE Transmission Filter Assembly. Fits CASE Trencher Models 960. Fits CASE Loader Backhoe Models 580L, 580L Series II, 580M Series II, 580M, 580M Series III, 580N, 590SN, 580SL, 580SL Series II, 590SL Series II, 590SL, 580SM Series II, 580SM Series III, 590SM+ Series III, 590SM Series III, 590SM Series II, 590SM, S80SM+ Series II, 580SM, 580SM+ Series III, 590SN, 580SN, and 580SN WT. Fits CASE Forklift Models 585G, 586G Series III, 586G, 588G Series III, 588G, 586H, and 588H. Fits CASE Landscaper Models 570NXT, 570LXT, 570MXT, 570LXT Series II, and 570MXT Series III


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